There are documentary references to the building of "A Bridge on the River Stour adjacent to the White Mill" in the year 1175. Although the bridge you'll see today is probably a sixteenth century structure (somewhat hacked around by the Victorians). It is known, from an investigation of the foundations a few years ago, that the bridge stands on timber pilings which have themselves been carbon dated to the twelfth century. This is alleged to be the oldest bridge site in Dorset.
Whitemill Bridge seen from the South East
The bridge seen from the field to the south east
Transportation warning notice on the bridge
Take care not to damage it

"Any person wilfully damaging any part of this County Bridge will be guilty of Felony and upon conviction liable to be Transported For Life by the court"
River Stour - Looking Upstream from the bridge back towards the Island
The view looking back upstream towards the island that divides the river
River Stour - Looking Downstream from Whitemill Bridge
The view downstream towards Corfe Mullen and Wimborne